About Aloha Day Spa

Meet Sheryl

Aloha! I’m the ho’okumo (founder), trainer, and skin therapist of Aloha Day Spa.

My goal was to create a spa where your experience is defined by serenity and relaxation.  We are a results-driven spa, utilizing advanced skincare techniques performed by highly-qualified individuals, applying both traditional and modern techniques with our signature touch of Aloha. 

My facials are incomparable. Meticulously created for each guest, including a 20-30 minute facial massage which is sculpting, lifting, detoxifying and firms the muscles and skin. Our guests are left totally refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

I’ve received my professional and post graduate training in Toronto, Hawaii, Florida and Italy, working directly on skin using Chinese methods and international skin care techniques.

I am also honored to provide FREE microblading services to any cancer patient in North America who request the service. 

I’ve created a Maalaea {Ma.a.la.ya} facials to give back to a non-profit organization where I volunteer my personal time for facial treatments. All proceeds are 100% donated.

For skin enthusiasts, I’m offering a one-on-one training and workshops for proper skincare and regimen.

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Front Guest Services

Verbose and fun, not a dull moment with Avery. She is skilled in American Sign Language (ASL). Avery loves nature, animals, plants and everything in between. Artsy and crafty, she loves making jewellery, painting, refinishing furniture and assisted her husband custom-built our front reception desk and cabinetry around the spa.


Senior Skin Therapist and Nail Artist

A very calming personality, Van brings 21 years of experience in skincare. That’s over 20,000 clients to say the least. Her facials are impeccable & outstanding.

From a humble beginning, Van crossed the Vietnam’s open sea at a very young age to Thailand. She was then admitted to Canada. She travelled to Paris, France for work for many years and settled in Canada with her now grown children.

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Front Guest Services

Abby works on Wednesday at Aloha Day Spa. Highly intelligent, she is fluent in American Sign Language, Abby is a music and piano teacher. She studied under the Royal Conservatory in Toronto, A full-time volunteer, she finds herself painting, or in the garden doing floral arrangements. She is currently learning Vietnamese Sign Language. She hopes to travel to Vietnam for volunteer work.


Skin Therapist

Nerry was a registered nurse (RN), dental assistant before she changed careers into a licensed aesthetician. She has an acute understanding of human anatomy and what works for your skin.

According to her clients Nerry is very friendly, highly educated, who takes her time to evaluate the best products to incorporate into your skin care regimen.

As young as she looks, Nerry is an empty nester. Hardworking and outgoing, Nerry will go above and beyond for your well-being and overall spa day and experience.

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Joel {Joelle}

Facialist and Front Guest Services

Funny, smart and an avid traveler, Joel provides expert facials. Her deep-tissue and muscle massage will leave your skin lifted and sculpted. The results are phenomenal, velvety skin that will last for days. She finishes her treatments with a cryo facial tool and triple cream.

She is a core to our Ohana. She said: “I love being outdoors. Hiking or in the water: I love taking photos of nature. I’ll climb a mountain just to get the best shot. I’m a huge music fan. Collect vintage vinyl records. I love to sing and write lyrics. My favourite place I’ve travelled is “Cirque Terre Italy” and North Shore Oahu, Hawaii. I speak and read Mandarin Chinese”

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Front Guest Services

Funny and witty, Lisa is caring and personable. She was once an aesthetician and sugar artist. Lisa lived in Mexico for many years and moved to Virginia and settled in Smithville. She is a grandma to Posie and Levi. She completes the Aloha Day Spa Ohana.


Senior Nail Technician & Wax Artist

As young as she looks, Elaine has almost 3 decades of experience under her belt as a nail salon owner and technician. That’s almost 30,000 nail and wax clients! A dainty and quiet person, she is so loving, very professional. Don’t be fooled by her quiet personality. She drives to the spa with her Lexus and Chanel purse. She is the “Devil Wears Prada” at Aloha Day Spa. She is so loving and very professional